Community Common Park Washroom Pavilion

Mississauga, Ontario


  • City of Mississauga

Project Size

  • 1,070 sq. ft.

Completion Date

  • 2011

The Pavilion is a landmark for Community Common Park visitors, and functions as both a public washroom facility and an outdoor seating area. With the use of glass as the primary building material, its open, iconic form and light tectonic quality is a deliberate departure from the ‘bunker-like’ qualities often associated with public washrooms.

The Pavillion features a variety of exterior glass walls that facilitate visual transparency of the less personal functions of the washrooms such as hand washing and general circulation areas. This openness increases the sense of personal safety for Pavillion visitors.

Taking its cue from the formal grass mounds of the park, the large projecting roof of the Pavilion is shaped as an inverted pyramid that acts as a protective overhanging canopy.