London Police Service Headquarters
in association with Wasylko Architect Inc.

London, Ontario


  • London Police Service

Project Size

  • Esisting: 100,390 sq. ft. New: 107,000 sq. ft.

Completion Date

  • Phase 1: 2009
    Phase 2: 2011

The London Police Service Headquarters was originally built in 1974. In 2005, CS&P was engaged to plan a phased addition and renovation project to address the space needs of the increased staff numbers and the program requirements of the present day police service.

The program includes a new main entrance and public access areas, new 10-position firing range, training facilities, accommodation for tactical and canine units, specialized vehicle garages, new staff locker areas, as well as expanded facilities for operations and administration. One of the design team’s key requirements was to create a welcoming, community-focused atmosphere. This was achieved with the generous use of new glazing and the introduction of more natural materials that modernize the building’s appearance.